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Org Chart View

Visualize team roles and relationships with the Org Chart view.

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What Is the Org Chart View?

The Org Chart view is a perfect workflow for mapping out organizational structures. Use this view like a mind map to break complex projects into bite-sized tasks or map the organizational structure of your team or company. This template is also perfect for:

  • Mapping organizational hierarchies

  • Managing HR responsibilities

  • Providing a clear overview of roles and responsibilities

  • (optional) Browse our free organizational templates for more ideas

💡 Note: Visit Project Views to learn more about other workflows in Taskade.


Enable the Org Chart View

  1. Click the the last icon in the top navigation bar to switch to the Org Chart view.

  2. Click the icon again to set this as the default view.

💡 Note: Changing project views doesn't affect project contents.

Create New Nodes

  1. Select an org chart node (task) and press ⌨️ Enter to create a new level.

  2. Press ⌨️ Shift + Enter to create a child node underneath.

    • (optional) You can also click the arrow button ⬇ to create a child node.

  3. Press ⌨️ Enter in every other node to create a branch on the same level.


Drag & Drop Nodes

  1. Click and hold the the drag button (⋮⋮).

  2. Drag the node to reposition it on the org chart.

    • Release at the top of a task to add it on the same level.

    • Release at the bottom of a task to add it as a child (nested) node.


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