Find what you need with Taskade's powerful search feature. Easily locate tasks, projects, and specific content across your workspaces.

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Search Within Projects

Search lets you find blocks and tasks containing keywords and search terms.

  1. Search within a project with the ⌨️ CTRL + F / ⌘ + F shortcut.

  2. (optional) You can also search for #mentions, #tags, and usernames.

💡 Note: Taskade highlights search terms with the selected theme color.


Search Across Workspaces

You can search from anywhere inside Taskade with Quick Add shortcut:

  1. Press ⌨️ CTRL + K / ⌘ + K.

  2. Type your phrase in the pop-up window.

  3. Click any of the results to navigate to target projects.

💡 Note: Visit ⚡️Quick Add Shortcut (Tasks, Notes) to learn more.


Global Search

Use the Global Search feature to search across workspaces, folders, and projects.

  1. Click the 🔍 Search button at the bottom of the left navigation pane.

  2. Type the phrase you're looking for and press ⌨️ Enter.

  3. (optional) Choose and customize filters using the options on the left.

  4. Click any of the search results to jump to tasks/notes.


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