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What Is the (โ‹ฎโ‹ฎ) Menu

The drag icon menu (โ‹ฎโ‹ฎ) lets you access formatting options, Add-Ons, and even reorder tasks. To access the menu, move the cursor over a task and click (โ‹ฎโ‹ฎ) on the left. Start typing to show more formatting options like due dates and comments.

๐Ÿ’ก Note: You can drag-and-drop tasks using the โ‹ฎโ‹ฎ button. Visit ๐ŸคŒ Reorder Tasks/Blocks/Columns to learn more.

Here are some actions you can do with the Drag Icon Menu:

  • Change Formatting

  • Check Task (Complete Task)

  • Check All (If a task has Sub-Tasks)

  • Duplicate

  • Highlight

  • Sort By: (If a task has Sub-Tasks)

    • Completed

    • Uncompleted

    • A to Z

    • Z to A

    • # Tag

    • @ Mention

    • Due Date

  • Copy To

  • Move To

  • Copy Link

  • Delete

  • View timestamp of task (Created and last edited)

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