➕ Embed in WordPress

You can now show off your work and share your best notes with the world! Taskade lets you embed Projects inside WordPress pages using a simple viewer-only embed code. 


Follow the instructions below to embed your Project in WordPress:

  1. Open the Taskade Project you want to embed
  2. Click the Share button (top-right corner) ➡ Invite to project
  3. Go to the < >Embed tab and click Copy
  4. Start editing your WordPress page
  5. Type /html, click Custom HTML, and paste the embed code
  6. Click Embed and you're done! 🥳
💡 Note: Don't use the 🔗 Invite Link from the Share menu. You need to select the < > Embed tab and use the viewer-only embed code. To learn how to embed Taskade other apps like Notion, visit ⚪️ Embed in Notion.




🔄 Regenerate Link

You can quickly revoke access to any Projects you have shared by regenerating the shared link. This feature will create a fresh link to the Project. To regenerate a link:

  1. Click the Share button and select Invite to project
  2. Click Regenerate Link in the 🔗 Invite Link tab
  3. And that's it! 🥳
💡 Note: Regenerated links cannot be restored.

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