➕ Embed in Notion

Taskade lets you embed Projects inside Notion pages using simple invite links. Embedded Projects are fully functional so you can edit their contents and check tasks as you normally would using Taskade.

💡 Note: Visit ⚪️ Import from Notion to learn how to import Notion pages.

Watch the video or follow the instructions below to embed your Project in Notion:

  1. Open the Taskade Project you want to embed
  2. Click the Share button (top-right corner) ➡ Invite to project
  3. Set the link to 🤓 Viewer and click Copy link
    • (optional) Set the link to ✍️ Editor to share the Project with editing privileges
  4. Go to your Notion Workspace and open a Page where you want to embed
  5. Paste the Taskade link directly into the page or type /embed
  6. And that's it! 🥳
💡 Note: Don't use the < > Embed code from the Share menu. You need to copy the 🔗 Invite Link from the first tab. To learn how to embed Taskade in web pages, visit 👉 Embed Taskade on Your Website / Blog.

🔄 Regenerate Link

You can quickly revoke access to any Projects you have shared by regenerating the shared link. This feature will create a fresh link to the Project. To regenerate a link:

  1. Click the Share button and select Invite to project
  2. Click Regenerate Link in the 🔗 Invite Link tab
  3. And that's it! 🥳
💡 Note: Regenerated links cannot be restored.

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