🤔 How Does It Work?

Zapier lets you connect Taskade with thousands of apps to automate your work with just a few clicks. Need additional triggers or actions? Visit our Feedback Page and submit a request!

💡 Note: Visit 🐑 Taskade Integrations for a full list of Zap templates.

🌩ī¸ Create a Zap

Before you can start creating Zaps, you first need to create a Zapier account. You can also visit the Zapier Integration page (click) in Taskade settings.

  • In Zapier Dashboard, click the ➕ Create Zap button zapier-button.png on the left
  • Select Taskade as either a Trigger or an Action (see the next section)
  • Choose the Event from the list and click Continue
  • Sign in to your Taskade account
  • Customize Workspace/Folder and Project options in the Trigger section
  • Test your triggers and you're good to go! đŸĨŗ
💡 Note: Read the Basics of creating a Zap to learn more about Zap workflows.

🎛ī¸ Triggers

When creating a Zap workflow, you can use the following Triggers:

  • When a task is due
    • Triggers whenever you receive a due date notification
  • When a task is assigned or completed (coming soon)
  • When a new Project is created (coming soon)
  • When a new task is created (coming soon)

In the example below, the trigger will monitor the Paper Route project inside the Dunder Mifflin Workspace. You may leave the Workspace or Folder blank to monitor all projects for due dates.




👉 Actions

In addition to Triggers, you can also use the following Actions:

  • Create Task
  • Update Task (coming soon)
  • Edit, Assign, Complete
  • Create Project (coming soon)

In the example below, a new task will be created in the Paper Route Project in the Dunden Mifflin Workspace. You can select a Block within the Paper Route Project to refine the location. Use the content field to port data from the connecting trigger for the task name.

💡 Note: Depending on your Zapier plan, actions may take up to 15 minutes to appear in your Projects. The task due trigger, however, will synchronize instantly.



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