⚙️ How It Works

Business conversations don't have to be boring. Taskade lets you add emojis 😺 to your tasks, sub-tasks, comments, and in chat. Follow the steps below to add your first emoji inside a project:

  • Method 1: Type : (colon) and the name of the emoji you want to use, e.g. :smile.
  • Method 2: Use a system keyboard shortcut:
    • 🔵 Windows: ⌨️ Windows Key + .
    • 🔴 Mac: ⌨️ Ctrl ++ Space
    • 🟠 Linux: ⌨️ Ctrl + Alt + E
  • Method 3: Use the "Insert Emoji" 🙂 button in the chat box.
💡 Note: Want to add a task reaction instead? Visit 😊 Task Reactions for more information.


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