🤔 What Is Markdown?

Markdown is a "lightweight" language that uses tags and other symbols—this can include “*” or “#” characters—to determine how text should be displayed when processed by the computer. Visit The History of Markdown to learn more.


⚙️ How It Works

Taskade supports Markdown in two ways. You can use Markdown syntax to communicate with your team in chat and comments or you can import/export Markdown (.md) files. Here is a list of supported syntax elements:

Markdown Feature How it looks Remarks
Bold image **bold**
Italic image _italic_
Underline image Double underline __test__
Block quote image > block quote
Strikethrough image ~~hi~~
Inline code image ```inline code```
Code block imageimage ```code
Workspace links image

check out this space

"workspace link"

Project links image visit this project "project link"


💬 Use Markdown in Chat/Comments

  1. Start a chat conversation or add a new comment
  2. "Wrap" your message in Markdown syntax
  3. Taskade will display your text accordingly



📥 Import Markdown

  1. Go to a Workspace/Folder
  2. Click the arrow ˅ next to the ➕ New Project button
  3. Select Import and choose Markdown
  4. Copy and paste Markdown text or upload a .txt/.md file
  5. Click Import to finish 🥳



📤 Export Markdown

  1. Open a Project you want to export as Markdown
  2. Click ··· at the top right-hand corner of your Project and select 📥 Export


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