🤔 What Are My Tasks?

My Tasks is an account-wide dashboard that compiles your tasks across all Projects and Workspaces in a single screen.

You can use My Tasks for:

  • Tracking tasks with and without due dates.
  • Checking off completed tasks.
  • Filtering tasks by owner, workspace, and folder.
  • Quickly jumping to projects, folders, and workspaces.
  • And more!

💡 Note: You can use My Tasks to assign tasks to contractors and external team members without having to invite them into a workspace. As long as you share the project, they will be able to look up and manage their tasks in one place.



➕ Add to My Tasks

Follow these steps to start tracking tasks inside My Tasks:

  1. Method#1: Click ➕ next to a task and choose the Assign add-on.
  2. Method #2: Use the /assign slash command.
💡 Note: My Tasks aggregates tasks you have added a due date to and/or have been assigned to you. Tasks do not require a due date to show up. If you are assigned to a title of a block, you will only see the block title.



👁️ View and Filter My Tasks

  1. Open Taskade and click the My Tasks button my-tasks.png (left navigation bar)
    • Click 𓃌 at the top to filter events by workspace/folder.
    • Use the button to the right to filter by task owner.
  2. Click a task to open it in the parent project.
  3. (optional) Use the checkbox next to a task to complete it.



⭐️ Task Detail Panel

Click on any task in the My Tasks screen to open the Task Detail panel. Look up task details, or reschedule and reassign tasks with ease, all from your current screen.




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