🤔 What Is Quick Add?

The Quick Add widget is a powerful companion tool that lives in your OS Tray/Menu bar. The widget is part of Taskade desktop apps and lets you quickly add tasks to Projects without opening them in the app. You can even select a target Block for each task.

⚡ Use Quick Add

Here's how the add tasks using the Quick Add widget:

  • 🔴 (macOS) Click the Taskade icon in the Menu Bar, or
  • 🔵 (Windows) Click the Taskade icon in the System Tray
    1. Type a text/task ➡ choose target Workspace/Folder and Project
      • (optional) Pick the Block where you want to add the task
    2. Click Add to Project or use the ⌨️ ⌘ + Enter/Ctrl + Enter shortcut to confirm
💡 Note: The Quick Add widget now supports Markdown syntax. Visit ✔️ Markdown Support to learn about all the other ways you can use Markdown in Taskade.



🔗 Link Current Page

The Quick Add Widget doesn't automatically bookmark the page you're visiting. To link an active page, click the 🔗 button in the top-right corner of the Quick Add box.




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