⏪ ⏩ How to Undo/Redo

Made a mistake? The undo/redo feature lets reverse the edits you made to a Project, even when collaborating in real-time with your team. Here's how you can do that in Taskade:

  • Press ⌨️⌘ + Z (Mac) or CTRL + Z (Windows)to undo
  • Press  ⌨️SHIFT + ⌘ + Z (Mac) or SHIFT + CTRL + Z (Windows) to redo
  • Alternatively, redo with ⌨️⌘ + Y (Mac) or CTRL + Y (Windows)


Here's what you can do with the undo/redo feature:

  • Add / delete tasks
  • Add / delete blocks
  • Reorder tasks
  • Fold / unfold tasks
  • Indent / outdent tasks
  • Style / highlight tasks
  • Hyperlink tasks


💡 Note: Want to restore the document to a previous state? You can travel to a snapshot in time using the 📜 Project History feature!


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