šŸ¤” What Are Hyperlinks?

Hyperlinks let you quickly jump to a web page by embedding a link into selected text. When you move the mouse cursor over a hyperlink, the arrow will turn into a small hand and you'll see the hyperlink address.



šŸ”— Add Hyperlinks to Tasks

You can add hyperlinks in Taskade in two ways:

  1. šŸŖ„ Using the Hovering Toolbar 
    • Create a task or add the text you want to turn into a hyperlink
    • Select the text or the entire task using the mouse cursor
    • Click the šŸ”— hyperlink icon in the Hovering Toolbar
    • Type or paste the link and click āœ”ļø
  2. āŒØļø Using keyboard shortcuts
    • Highlight text and press āŒØļøāŒ˜ + Shift + L (Mac) or CTRL + Shift + L (PC)
    • Type or paste the link and click āœ”ļø
    • Your text is now hyperlinked!



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