🤔 What Are Project Links?

Taskade lets you link individual Projects together using the @mention feature. You can combine Projects across Folders and Workspaces and quickly navigate to the target Project by clicking on the links. Use cross-linking to:

💡 Note: Visit ⇄ Project Links / Cross-Linking for iOS and Android.



🔗 Cross-Link Projects

  1. Create a task that you want to cross-link to another project.
  2. Type "@" followed by the title of the target project.
    • You can type partial title and Taskade will show you relevant project.
  3. Select the target Project to create a link.



👉 Navigate Linked Projects

The new backlinks menu allows you to browse and jump between connected projects. Follow the steps below to find all @mentions leading to the project your editing:

  1. Open a project and click the "backlinks" button at the top.
  2. Select any of the existing backlinks to quickly jump to the connected project.
  3. And that's it! 🥳



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