➡️ Indent a Task

Indentation lets you break big, complex tasks into more manageable sub-tasks. Follow the steps below to indent tasks and create high-level outlines in Taskade:

  1. Press ⌨️ Tab on your keyboard to indent a task/create a sub-task
    • Sub-tasks are the "children" of parent tasks
    • Each sub-task can have its own sub-tasks, and so on
  2. Press ⌨️ Shift + Tab to outdent a task/sub-task
💡 Note: Check out our article on Outlining 101 for more tips on outlining instructions to organize your work and increase productivity!


⬆️⬇️ Fold / Unfold

This is where the outlining magic begins. Unlike a word processor, which only knows about pages and paragraphs, Taskade is an outliner. That means it can understand and leverage the relationship between tasks and sub-tasks.

This gives you the power to
⬇️ Fold (collapse) a task to hide its sub-tasks. Click the arrow next to your task or use a ⌨️ ⌘/CTRL + ⬆ shortcut to fold the task and all its sub-tasks.



⬆️ Unfold (expand) is the opposite of the Fold (collapse) operation. Click the arrow again or use a ⌨️ ⌘/CTRL + ⬇ shortcut to unfold a task and all its sub-tasks.



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