Welcome to Taskade mobile! Get started with the basics below. 👇


☀️ Create a New Project

📝 Create a Project for just about anything. Keep track of tasks, start a DIY project, or collaborate and communicate with your team on the same page.



🧠 Organize your tasks and get things done. You can choose between a paragraph, ordered/unordered list, checklists, bullet points, and headings.




✍️ Work and chat in real-time on the same page. Share the Project with your team, define user roles, and get work done together!



✏️ Edit Projects

  • 👉 Tap to indent and  to outdent tasks
    • 🧱 Break down larger tasks into sub-tasks
    • 🧘 This helps you focus and GTD
  • ➡️ Fold & unfold sections by tapping the arrow next to a task
  • 👋 Tap and hold to move a task up or down the list



🎨 Highlight, bold, italicize, and underline your tasks.



⚡️ Templates & Workflows

  • Tap mceclip0.png in a Workspace or Folder view to create a new Project
    • Select 📄 Blank Project to start from scratch
    • Pick one of four default templates available on mobile
    • Or tap ➕ Create a Template to start with a custom template
  • 🎨 Browse creative ways to use Taskade: taskade.com/templates



🌈 Automate Workflows

  • Tap mceclip0.png in a Workspace or Folder view to create a new Project
  • Easily reuse the custom templates your created in the previous step
  • Custom templates are shared with your entire team in the workspace


Manage Tasks

  • ✔️ Cross tasks off like you would using a pen and paper
  • 📣 @Mention and #Tag to organize tasks
  • 📅 Set a due date for each task


💬 Comment

  • Tap a task and choose the 💬 icon from the toolbar to add a comment
  • You can quickly attach files to comments by clicking mceclip1.png
  • Give feedback and instructions to help your team get work done!



📎 Upload Images and Files

  • You can create a gallery of images and files underneath each task
  • Select a task and tap mceclip1.png in the toolbar at the bottom
  • You can also upload files directly to comments and chat



🚀 Work Together

  • 🗃 Create a Workspace for your team projects
  • 👀 Search all your projects and workspaces: taskade.com/search
  • 🗓 Calendar is shared with all team members: taskade.com/calendar
  • ⚡️ Work together faster, smarter, and get work done!

⚙️ Project Options

  • 📌 Pin to the top of a workspace
  • ⭐️ Star a project into Starred: taskade.com/lists/starred
  • 📎 Copy a project into any workspace
  • 🚚 Move a project into any workspace
  • Mark as Complete when ready

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