Welcome to Taskade mobile! Get started with the basics below. 👇

↔️ Differences for Mobile

On mobile some features are not supported. You'll have to log in on the desktop or browser to access these features.


☀️ Create a New Project

📝 Create a Project for just about anything. Keep track of tasks, start a DIY project, or collaborate and communicate with your team on the same page.



🧠 Organize your tasks and get things done. You can choose between a paragraph, ordered/unordered list, checklists, bullet points, and headings.




✍️ Work and chat in real-time on the same page. Share the Project with your team, define user roles, and get work done together!



✏️ Edit Projects

  • 👉 Tap to indent and  to outdent tasks
    • 🧱 Break down larger tasks into sub-tasks
    • 🧘 This helps you focus and GTD
  • ➡️ Fold & unfold sections by tapping the arrow next to a task
  • 👋 Tap and hold to move a task up or down the list



🎨 Highlight, bold, italicize, and underline your tasks.



⚡️ Templates & Workflows

  • Tap mceclip0.png in a Workspace or Folder view to create a new Project
    • Select 📄 Blank Project to start from scratch
    • Pick one of four default templates available on mobile
    • Or tap ➕ Create a Template to start with a custom template
  • 🎨 Browse creative ways to use Taskade: taskade.com/templates



🌈 Automate Workflows

  • Tap mceclip0.png in a Workspace or Folder view to create a new Project
  • Easily reuse the custom templates your created in the previous step
  • Custom templates are shared with your entire team in the workspace


Manage Tasks

  • ✔️ Cross tasks off like you would using a pen and paper
  • 📣 @Mention and #Tag to organize tasks
  • 📅 Set a due date for each task


💬 Comment

  • Tap a task and choose the 💬 icon from the toolbar to add a comment
  • You can quickly attach files to comments by clicking mceclip1.png
  • Give feedback and instructions to help your team get work done!



📎 Upload Images and Files

  • You can create a gallery of images and files underneath each task
  • Select a task and tap mceclip1.png in the toolbar at the bottom
  • You can also upload files directly to comments and chat



🔌 Offline Mode (iOS & Android)

To enable offline mode on Taskade mobile, simply open the app while you have an internet connection, and the app will automatically download your tasks and projects. Any changes you make while you're offline will be saved locally on your device.


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😊 Questions or Suggestions?

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