🤔 What Is Taskade Unlimited?

Taskade Unlimited is a paid Taskade upgrade that unlocks a ton of additional features that will take your productivity to the next level. That includes:

  • 🗂️ Unlimited storage and version history
  • 🤩 Workspace branding and customization
  • 🔄 Recurring tasks and bulk assign
  • 🗓️ 2-way Google Calendar integration
  • ✅ Checker permission for Workspace/Project
  • 🤝 Priority support and custom onboarding
  • ⚡ And much more!
💡 Note: Visit 💲 Billing and Pricing FAQ to learn more.

⚡ Upgrade via Account Settings

Here's how to upgrade your Workspace to Taskade Unlimited:

  1. Open Taskade in a web browser and click your profile picture
  2. Select ⚙️ Settings and click the 💳 Billing tab on the left
  3. Choose the Workspace you want to upgrade and click Upgrade
  4. Select billing type (monthly/yearly) and enter credit card information


💡 Note: There's a 14-day trial period so you won't be charged immediately.

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