🤔 What Is Project Chat?

Every Project in Taskade is a self-contained collaboration and communication hub with an integrated (toggleable) chat window. All team members invited to a Project can jump right into the discussion or start a new chat in seconds. Watch this short video guide to get started. 👇



⌨️ Chat With Your Team

The chat box is located in the right-hand section of every Project. To start a conversation, simply type your message and press ⌨️ Enter or click the arrow button Screenshot_2022-05-25_at_09.51.09.png to send it. 

💡 Note: Want to start a video conference instead? Visit 📞 Video Conferencing & Calling to learn more.



👤 Start a Private Chat

Taskade lets you designate a private project for 1-on-1 chats and video conferencing. Here's how it works:

  1. Create a project in your private Workspace or Folder.

  2. Click "Share" (top-right) ➡ "Invite to project"
  3. Select the " Email or Username" tab and enter user details.
  4. Click "Send Invite" to confirm.
💡Note: Unless your project is in a shared Workspace/Folder, only the person you invite will be able to join. You can also turn off link sharing in the "🔗 Share Link" tab so the participants can't copy the project link.

👁️ Hide / Resize Chat

  • Click the chat bubble icon 💬 or press ⌨️ ⌘ +\to hide/show the chat
  • Left-click and drag the edge of the chat box to the left or right to resize it



➕ Upload Attachments

To add an image, attachment, or zip file to chat, you can either:

  1. Click the ☁️ Upload File button at the bottom of the chat window
  2. Drag & drop a file to the chat window or directly to a task


🤫 Turn Off Chat and Comments

Don't want messages and comments in your projects? Here's how to turn them off:

  1. Open your project and click the settings icon Screenshot_2022-05-23_at_16.47.23.png (top right).
  2. Go to the ⚙️Settings tab and use the sliders to edit chat/comments setting.


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