🤔 What Is a Workspace?

A Workspace is a collection of Folders, Projects, and templates. By inviting others to join your Workspace, you can video call, chat, and collaborate inside projects.

🪄 Create a New Workspace

  1. Visit your Taskade dashboard and click the ➕ plus icon
  2. Enter the name of your Workspace and choose a color palette
  3. You can also choose a Workspace logo from one of the available emojis or upload your own*
  4. You'll be prompted to invite new members to the Workspace
💡 Note: An upgraded Workspace is required to set a workspace logo.




👥 Invite People to a Workspace

You can invite an unlimited number of users to a Workspace via email or username, or simply by copying an invite link. Those who join your Workspace as members will have access to the Projects and templates in that Workspace. To invite people to your Workspace:

  1. Open your Workspace and click the Share button in the top right-hand corner
  2. Copy the invite link and share it via email, text, or any other way
  3. Alternatively, enter an email or Taskade username
  4. Click Send Invite and you're done! 🥳
💡 Note: For even more flexibility and to organize your company by departments check out our article 🚋 Create a Folder



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