🤔 What Are AI Chat Tones?

The AI Chat allows you to tailor conversations to feel more formal, casual, friendly, or professional, making interactions with Taskade AI more natural and personalized.

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⚙️ Use AI Chat Tones

  1. Click the robot icon 🤖 at the top of the chat box.
  2. Click the TONE pull-down button at the bootom of the chat.
  3. Choose a tone and type your prompt.


👥 AI Tones Available in Taskade

Tone Use Case
Confident Expresses certainty and assurance, useful for presenting ideas convincingly.
Authoritative Showcases expertise and confidence, useful for positioning oneself as a leader.
Friendly Builds rapport with a warm, welcoming, and polite manner.
Formal Communicates professionally, suitable for formal business settings.
Optimistic Focuses on the positive, fostering a positive business culture.
Empathetic Shows understanding and sensitivity to others' feelings, crucial in customer service.
Serious Treats important business matters with gravity and earnestness.
Informal Uses a relaxed and personal communication style, useful in casual business interactions.
Warm Expresses kindness, empathy, and understanding, contributing to a friendly business environment.
Playful Makes interactions enjoyable, ideal for creative businesses or building a relaxed company culture.
Clinical Provides objective and factual information in a straightforward manner.
Cold Responds in a detached and impersonal way.
Cynical Expresses skepticism or disbelief.
Emotional Expresses feelings and sentiments.
Humourous Injects wit and humor into responses to lighten the mood.
Ironic Expresses something different from or opposite to the literal meaning.
Pessimistic Focuses on the negative side of things.
Sarcastic Says the opposite of what is meant in a cutting or wry manner.
Sympathetic Shows compassion and understanding for the user's situation.
Tentative Expresses uncertainty or hesitation.


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