🤔 What Are AI Credits? 


Each pricing plan is allocated a monthly AI credit allowance, ranging from 1,000 on the Free Plan to unlimited credits. Each time you use Taskade AI, you consume a portion of those credits from your account's balance. The balance automatically resets at the beginning of each month.

💡 Note: Visit the 💳 Pricing Page for more information about AI credits.

➕ How Are Credits Calculated?

AI credit calculation in Taskade is based on word length and count.

  • Typically, generating around 33 words, depending on their length, consumes about 42 credits.
  • The longer the word, the more credits are used.
  • For a rough estimate, consider that a word may cost around x1.27 credits.

Remember, these are averages and actual usage may vary.


🔋 How to Check Remaining Credits?

There are two ways to check the number of remaining credits:



⚡️ How Can I Get Additional Credits?

If need additional AI credits, consider upgrading your account to one of our premium plans. Upgraded accounts feature a higher limit for AI credits, along with a host of other fantastic benefits. Visit our 💳 Pricing Page to learn more!


👥 How Are AI Credits Calculated for Multiple Users?

In a team setting, the AI credit usage meter reflects a shared pool that extends across all team members and premium workspaces.


🛠️ Which Taskade AI Features Consume Credits?

AI credit consumption in Taskade is mainly associated with the ✨ AI Assistant features within the editor. This includes functions that generate text or assist with task management. Features outside the editor, like project creation and chat, are not counted towards credit usage.

💡 Note: As we continually improve and add more AI features like contextual awareness or AI agents, the scope of credit-consuming functions may evolve.

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