Taskade lets you chat with your entire team inside shared projects or designate a private project for 1-on-1 chats and video conferencing. Follow the steps below to start a private conversation with any of your team members:

  1. Create a project in your private Workspace or Folder.

  2. Click "Share" (top-right) ➑ "Invite to project"
  3. Select the " Email or Username" tab and enter user details.
  4. Click "Send Invite" to confirm.
  5. (optional) Ask project members to turn on notifications to receive chat updates.
πŸ’‘ Note: Unless the project is in a shared Workspace/Folder, only the person you invite will be able to join. You can also turn off link sharing in the "πŸ”— Share Link" tab so nobody can copy the project link directly.




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