๐Ÿค” What Is the Action View?

The Action view is one of the six Project views available in Taskade. It lets you view tasks in a table organized into customizable columns. You can reorder, resize, and hide columns to better match the type of project you're working on.



โš™๏ธ Enable the Action View

  1. Open your project and click the Action symbol action-view-button.png at the top.

  2. Click the icon again to set the view as default.



๐Ÿ‘ Resize, Reorder, or Hide Columns

  1. Resize: click and hold a column divider and drag it to the left or right.
  2. Reorder: click and hold a column header and drag it to the left or right.
  3. Hide: click ยทยทยท next to a column header โžก "Hide column" hide-column.png
  4. Show: click the โž• button at the end of a table to add columns again.



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