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I deleted projects but their tasks still show up in My Tasks, help!
I deleted projects but their tasks still show up in My Tasks, help!
Updated over a week ago

You've deleted your projects but for some reason they are still showing up in your search menu and their tasks are still appearing in the My Task tab. This is caused by the projects index not being updated and here are some steps you can try to get rid of these ghost/phantom projects.

Transfer Ownership

  1. Following these steps to Transfer Ownership of the workspace which contains these ghost projects to another user. This second user can your friend/teammates or a second account.

  2. Leave the workspace.

  3. Get the second user to invite you back into the workspace.

  4. Check if the projects and tasks have been updated correctly.

Missing Folders

If you have followed the above steps and now have missing folders after you rejoined the workspace, get the second user to follow these steps to gain them back.

  1. Open Workspace Settings

  2. Click on the Folder Section

  3. Click on the folders that are "missing" and click Join as Owner

  4. Navigate to that folder and then re-share the folder back to the original account

Help I've tried it all but still can't get rid of the projects/tasks!

If you have tried all the above methods and still can't get rid of the projects and tasks please contact [email protected] through the side bar and please provide the following information.

  • The platform you are using Taskade on.

  • The current operating system of your device.

  • The current version of that operating system.

  • The current version of the Taskade app you are using (If mobile/desktop app).

  • Any screenshots or video recordings on the issue.

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