Import from Google Docs
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Export a Google Doc

To import your Google Docs documents to Taskade, you first need to convert them into .md (Markdown) files. You can do that using a free, open-source plugin available in the Google Marketplace store.

  1. Install the Docs to Markdown plugin from the Google Marketplace.

  2. Open the document you want to import.

  3. Select "Extensions" ➑ "Docs to Markdown" from the Menu Toolbar at the top.

  4. Click "Convert" and select Markdown to copy the .md file to the clipboard.


Import to Taskade

  1. Navigate to your Workspace/Folder

  2. Click the arrow next to the βž• New Project button.

  3. Select Import and choose Markdown.

  4. Paste the contents of the .md file.

  5. Click Import to finish.


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