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Assign a Project / Task
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Assign a Project

To assign a Project, navigate to a Workspace or Folder, click theπŸ‘€ Assign button located underneath the title of your Project, and select the person you'd like to assign.

πŸ’‘ Note: To filter by assignee, simply click on the assignee's name (below the Project title) in the Workspace/Folder. You can also use the Filter menu for advanced filtering options.

Assign a Task

To assign a task, click on the βž• icon to the right of your task and select πŸ‘€ Assign. You can also click the small plus icon next to an existing due date.

πŸ’‘ Note: Use ⌨️ Taskade Keyboard Shortcuts and πŸ’« Multi-Select/Bulk Assign to assign tasks even faster.


Unassign a Task

To unassign a task, left-click the assignee's profile picture underneath a task/sub-task and select that user from the drop-down list to remove it. Use the search bar to filter assignees as needed.


Mention and Filter

You can also @mention someone inside a Project and click their username to filter by tasks in which they're mentioned!

πŸ’‘ Note: Visit β‡„β€β€β€Ž β€ŽProject Links (Crosslinking) to learn how to link Projects across Workspaces/Folders.


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