Project Table of Contents
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What Is a Table of Contents?

Navigating long and complex documents doesn't have to be difficult. Taskade lets you create an interactive table of contents within projects so you can jump between sections in an instant.

You can use a table of contents to organize

  • πŸ“ notes,

  • πŸ“‘ articles,

  • 🌳 outlines,

  • πŸ“š books,

  • and more...

Add a Table of Contents

Follow the steps below to create a table of contents for your project:

  1. Move the mouse cursors to the line that contains a section title.

  2. Type β€œ/β€œ + β€œlink” and select β€œCopy Link” from ⚑️ Slash Command menu.

  3. Paste the link into the corresponding level of the TOC.

  4. Repeat the process for the remaining section titles.

  5. Click the ToC links to navigate to the corresponding sections. πŸ₯³


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